Top 10 – Checklist

Top 10 Checklist – Bali, Indonesia 

  1. Post Booking Support Hours: Tuesday + Wednesday  + Thursday + Indian Holidays | 10:00AM to 5:00 PM | You will not get any response out of support hours
  2. No one on calls and chat with travel buddy is allowed once you have made booking. Breaching this condition may lead to auto trip cancellations without any refunds
  3. You will not get hotel vouchers, as all the bookings are done in backend. Please be assured, all your bookings will be well taken care of
  4. All other necessary details for the trip will be shared 24 hours to 7days before departure date, no need to follow up every time and get impatient
  5. Airlines are either non-refundable or impose heavy cancellation penalty, please do not cancel the air tickets
  6. Airlines will not provide meals and seat selection of your choice unless you have pre purchased at the time of booking
  7. 1 Piece 20 Kgs Checked in + 1 Piece 7Kgs Hand baggage Per Person is allowed, please do not overshoot the baggage count and weight
  8. Tourist SIM cards does not provide seamless connectivity, please expect slight network latency and connectivity issues
  9. Please make timely payments, else there will be a late payment fee of 500 rupees per day, even if we miss to send payment reminders
  10. Please inform the client about the entry tickets charges for temples, monuments, beaches and cultural shows

Top 10 Checklist – Andaman, India 

  1. Please inform the client about post booking support group timings 10 AM – 5:00 PM(Tues to Wed), Only chat support on WhatsApp group
  2. Please inform the client about the about inclusions and exclusions with stress on additional airline seat selection and meals charges
  3. Please inform the client payment & cancellation policies. 25% (Non- Refundable), Installment plan and INR 500 late payment charges
  4. Please inform the client that complementary freebies can not be refunded or compensated
  5. Please inform the client that there are no vouchers, he will only get trip schedule 48 hours to 7 days before trip departure
  6. Please inform the client about the speed boat delays and cancellation scenarios, hotels do not co-operate
  7. Please inform the client not to deal with drivers for any additional activities, BalmyTrip and Tour Manager must only be consulted
  8. Please inform the client not to rush and property read all our conditions and policies, even if they are time consuming
  9. Please inform the client that airlines do not come under our direct control and not to cancel flights once booked to avoid losses
  10. Please inform the client about Thor’s Hammer fee and conditions in case client wishes to opt for Thor’s Hammer powers