Cancellation Policy

BalmyTrip puts stock in helping its clients beyond what many would consider possible, and has in this way a liberal cancelation arrangement. Under this arrangement:

Cancelations would be considered, if the demand is made inside 72 hours of putting in a request. Notwithstanding, the cancelation demand won’t be engaged if the requests have been conveyed to the sellers/dealers and they have started the way toward its transportation.

BalmyTrip will reject the cancellation request if the orders have been communicated to the destination experts and the process of booking the package has been initiated.

There is no cancelation of requests set under the very same Day Conveyance class.

No cancelations are engaged for those items that the BalmyTrip promotion group has acquired on exceptional visits like Gathering Visit, and so on. These are constrained event offers and along these lines cancelations are impractical.

On the off chance that you feel that the item (trip) isn’t as it appeared on the site or according to your desires, you should convey it to the notice of our client benefit inside 24 hours of getting the item (Trip). The Client Administration Group in the wake of investigating your objection will take a fitting choice.

BalmyTrip or its associate accomplices won’t be subject for any Visa dismissals and cancelation policy would even now remain as they seem to be.

Discounts must be given in instances of incorporations specified in bundle affirmed by client are not conveyed by booking specialist. Discounts won’t be given in some other case.

On the off chance, because of unexpected conditions, the voyager needs to pay for the incorporations as of now specified in the bundle, discount claims for the considerations part of the bundle might be considered and endless supply of legitimate receipts, if this was pre-educated to Movement BalmyTrip guide or travel operator.

BalmyTrip ensures conveyance of administrations booked through website. If explorer reserves part bundle themselves or outside of website, no claim against such administrations should be engaged.

If neighborhood attractions are shut for support/climate conditions/government orders/strike/check in time/common catastrophe/other unexpected reasons, BalmyTrip/travel operator will attempt its best to repay the explorer fitting sum against the same if discount is conceivable. In any case, BalmyTrip/travel operator are not committed for the same and can’t be held obligated against it. In case of any natural calamities, the cancellation request for land packages will be refundable depending upon the situation and no enforcement for refund will be granted or considered

Payment Policy:

Days Before Departure, more than 46 days in advance of scheduled travel dates 

Amount At the time of booking

  • 25 % of the total land package (25% Non- refundable deposit ) + Visa Fee (If Applicable) + 100 % payments of flights + 5 % GST & 5 % TCS

Installment Schedule for Remaining Payment 

  • First Installment (50% of the remaining land package cost) 45 days before trip departure date
  • Second Installment (100% of the remaining land package cost) 30 Days before trip departure date

Days Before Departure, less than 30 days in advance of scheduled travel dates 

Amount At the time of booking

  • 100 % of the total land package + 100 % payments for flights + Visa Fee (If Applicable) + 5 % GST & 5 % TCS

Cancellation Policy:

If Cancellation is Made

Prior to 45 days or more

  • Cost of Flight Tickets (if issued) + 25 % of the total land package cost + 5 % GST & 5 % TCS + Visa Fee (If Applied)

Between 30-44 days of departure

  • Cost of Flight Tickets (if issued) + 70 % of the total land package cost + 5 % GST & 5 % TCS + Visa Fee (If Applied)

29 days before the date of departure

  • Cost of Flight Tickets (if issued) + 100 % of the total land package cost + 5 % GST & 5 % TCS Visa Fee (If Applied)

In case of No-show

  • Cost of Flight Tickets (if issued) + 100 % of the total land package cost + 5 % GST & 5 % TCS Visa Fee (If Applied)

Important Notes:

1. Payment through credit cards will charge 3.0 % extra of the total invoice amount.
2. All refunds are processed within 15 business days.
3. GST invoices if needed are sent within 7 days from the trip completion date.
4. Please make payments on time as per the agreed payment policy to avoid late payment charges.
5. Late Payment fee is INR 500 Per Day.
6. Maximum 7 days will be granted to clear delayed Installments/Pending payments along with late payment charges of INR 500*7(INR 500 * 7 Days) = INR 3500 rupees
7. Defaulting the payment beyond 7 days will lead to auto trip cancellation with 100% of the paid trip amount as total loss.
8. According to Income Tax Act, 1961, TCS @ 5 % is mandatory for any International/overseas tour package.
9. Pan card is mandatory for booking. In case PAN is not provided TCS @ 10% will be applicable. You will be able to claim the credit of such TCS amount against income tax payable at the time of filling ITR.
10. 5 % GST & 5 TCS are non-refundable amount, however you can claim 5 % TCS at the time of filing ITR.
11. Clients must submit all the documents and prerequisites for Visa. In an event of visa being denied by the embassy/visa issuing authorities for any reason known or unknown, BalmyTrip under no circumstances will be responsible for the losses. Standard payment and cancellation policies will still be applicable.


Under this approach:

If you are, for any reason, not by any means content with your buy, we will merrily issue appropriate discount given the situation that cancelation and Refunds are being processed within 10 days period however, we shall not be liable for any default caused in processing the refund amount owing to the delay caused by processing bank.

If it’s not too much trouble incorporate your request number (sent to you by means of email in the wake of requesting) and alternatively disclose to us why you’re asking for a discount – we consider client input important and utilize it to continually enhance our items and nature of administration. Discounts are being handled inside 21 daysโ€™ period nevertheless, we might not be subject for any default caused in preparing the discount sum inferable from the deferral caused by handling bank.

Any alterations/augmentations to bundle (dates, incorporations, agenda and so on), will be done at additional cost to the client. Changes made to the bundle will be made according to cancelation approach of the first bundle and client needs to shoulder the cost caused because of this.

BalmyTrip doesn’t urge changes and alterations to online appointments once they’re made. Nevertheless, assistance of changes identified with deferment or rescheduling of the officially reserved bundle is the sole circumspection of Movement specialist under allowed conditions. BalmyTrip might not be held at risk for any effect because of progress in unique itinerary by the explorer and this is liable to common understanding and dialog amongst voyager and travel operator.

If there should be an occurrence of power majeure cases, (for example, check in time, riots and so on), BalmyTrip might not be obligated for any misfortunes made thereof.

Conditions adding up to “drive majeure” incorporate any occasion which we or the provider of the service(s) being referred to couldn’t even with all due care, predict or hinder, for example, (by method for instance and not by method for restriction) war, danger of war, revolt, common conflict, modern question, fear monger action, regular or atomic catastrophe, fire, demonstrations of God, unfavorable climate conditions, and every single comparable occasion.

BalmyTrip Payment, Cancellation Policy and Installment Schedule

We understand how difficult it is to save money for trips. We facilitate this with our flexible payment and cancellation polices listed below.