Code of Conduct

Policy Brief & Purpose:

  • Our professional Code of Conduct policy aims to give our employees and clients guidelines on business ethics and our stance on various controversial matters.
  • Our Code of Conduct policy is an integral part of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of business ethics and behavior.
  • Use your best judgement, but refer to the policy for guidance on conflicts of interest.
  • We encourage you to read this policy thoroughly and reach out to your travel buddies, company escalation authorities if you have any questions or concerns.
  • We will also use this policy to outline the consequences of violating our business Code of Conduct and Ethics


  • This policy applies to everyone we employ or have business relations with, including clients.
  • This policy applies to all aspects of our operations and interactions, both within the company and with external parties.
  • It includes individual people such as employees, interns, volunteers, and clients, but also business entities such as vendors, or customers.
  • Essentially, anyone who represents or is affiliated with our company in any capacity is expected to uphold this Code of Conduct.

Components of our Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics:

We based our business Code of Ethics on common principles of ethics. These include integrity, accountability, transparency, and respect for the law.

  • Respect for others: Treat people as you want to be treated. This means treating everyone with fairness, impartiality, and dignity, regardless of their position or background.
  • Use of slang or rude tone from clients in any manner, be it in post-booking WhatsApp support group or during phone calls with any of our company employees of BalmyTrip.
  • We do not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, or abusive language towards our employees.
  • Using a high tone or sarcastic remarks from clients that can discomfort any one of our company’s employees.
  • We expect all our clients to communicate with our employees politely and professionally at all times.
  • Misusing WhatsApp chat from clients and passing derogatory remarks, sexual remarks, and any kind of conversations that can offend our company employees.
  • We take any violation of this policy very seriously and will investigate all reported incidents promptly.

Zero Tolerance:

  • If any one of the clients is found guilty of breaching our above conditions, BalmyTrip will cancel the entire trip without any refunds leading to a 100% loss of the amount paid for the trip.
  • We reserve the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or partnership, if anyone is found to have violated our Code of Conduct.
  • BalmyTrip will also involve local police and courts of law, depending on the case criticality.
  • We believe that maintaining a high standard of business ethics not only benefits our company but also helps to build trust and confidence with our clients and partners.